The Bermuda Triangle Puzzle is
only available at Stores retail
$24.95 in Bermuda or on this site
through PayPal at a special
internet price of $22.50
including US parcel postage
from Bermuda.

Jobson's Cove Puzzle

Both Puzzles Special Offer
Jobson's Cove and Royal Naval Dockyard $40.00 including
postage inside the US.

Along with these Bermuda Triangle jigsaw puzzles, check out more traditional jigsaw puzzles of various piece counts, sizes, and levels of difficulty, inluding other shaped jigsaw puzzles.

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If you have no money to make a purchase, you can always turn to our partner Midtown Group and get an online cash advance at your account if your account is associated with your paypal account within 5 minutes you can issue any puzzle that you like. Yes, even all at once :)

Royal Naval Dockyard

At Bermuda Triangle Puzzles we are in the process of producing new downloadable triangular puzzles for you to put together on your computer.

Designed and produced by
John Elsegood